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Just words


                           Wander or slowly die
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She was so beautiful,
she moved like a wild and free animal.
I knew she was untamed and lusted for the free highway.
I didn’t try to capture her. Just made her smile and laugh for a time.
I saw in her eyes. Unswerving need to escape to new places.
I didn’t hold her tightly and I was content when she escaped into the night.
She was a broken song, not willing to find healing.



Her skin painted with branches and flowers.
She bled sexual need and made honest men have secret wishes.
I called her my wild and free spirit.
Her eyes showed vigorous drive only on the dance stage.
Song and dance was her last pleasure.
She knew she controlled the desperate men with her every move.
I loved her tattoos. Each told a journey and took you to sacred place.
She loved me because I was wise, I knew.
The heart with broken strings and knowing too much deceit.
She must find herself. She copies my tattoo of heart and arrow.
She told me, we must bleed to live.

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John Castellenas