Silence, a dark inscribed, silence, a tyrannical void.

Wonderful poetry by a talented writer.

Lucy's Works and Co

Dreams entwined,
Dreams throughout false silence,
Silence, a dark inscribed,
Silence, a tyrannical void,
Void of fierce gasp,
Void of reddened wounds,
Wounds that starve under snow,
Wounds around weeping crisp frost,
Frost over the leaves
Frost upon pure caverns,
Caverns of the mind like a breeze,
Caverns by the blue delphiniums like crystal,
Crystal resists the madness that turns the winter wind; a handful of frost.
Crystal blooms over angry memories
Memories to formulate,
Memories to avoid;
Avoid silence
Avoid speaking
Speaking the way of the world
Speaking heart in purity of the mind,
Mind alone, sleeping away,
Mind alone, interlude seared
Seared away on cob-webbed shores
Seared away on mournful stars
Stars I’d never speak to again,
Stars with winds, sweetly entwined,
Entwined by one breath,
Entwined by one surrender
Surrender in the illusion,
Surrender in the cobbled dream,
Dream in the after-divine fated—(I will leave you a…

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