Dear Monterey


Dear Monterey



Once imprison man was taught how to be free by the dear Pacific.

Kind Monterey, showed him, he had just begin.

Once the Winter days of life stole his heart and

the sea song, taught him.

Life is the laughter of friends, long talks with friends and singing songs to the ocean.

A lucky life.

Is dancing with the sea, dancing with your grandchildren.

Teaching them to know and to love the sea, the great forest and to be kind.






I  had the Bacchus wine, a pretty lady near and the sea,

The moon was above us and I held her so tightly, to keep us warm.

The Monterey Bay nights cooler and more peaceful into the midnight hours,

only the lovers of the sea came to watch the moon rise and fall into sea.

Now the old poet,

he sit with his dearest friend, the sea.

he whispered to the rising moon.

Thank you for showing me,

life is more than me.


Dancing Coyote/John Castellenas