Nancy Sinatra song and a poem

The cursed lullaby
Once our love was so damn sweet, we had the long nights and the sweetest kisses.
You were my Agnes and I was your willing Hemingway.
Willing to pay the price to touch sweet and tender skin, to make you smile.
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I told you often,
I want to love you like there is no tomorrow,
I want to love you like we are the only people left.
I want us to divulge each other till we can’t no-more.
Love me once,
love me twice,
please love me three times.
Make me know softness,
make me know hardness,
Allow me to live and die in your eyes.
The cursed lullaby we know.
You and I.
Water and earth.
Need great storms for us to create  tale and  to know the sweetest kiss.
Old Poet recite to the dying moon.
Love be sweet, love be damned,
I remember you.
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