Bad, bad woman

Bad, bad woman
Woman in Black Scoop-neck Top
She was the finest lady at the Stray cat Inn. She was wearing her tight black dress showing off her strong legs and robust breasts. Her beautiful face was seeking someone willing to give everything away to her. The jazz was sweet and sad tonight. I told my friend Henry, the jazz man. Play me a slow song, so slow that you will tempt the devil woman to me.
I wrote in my notebook. The devil dances at midnight and I want the bad, bad woman to see me. I want her wrap those powerful legs around my legs and for her to tell me. I am the only one. Henry smiled and he told me. I will play the song you need my friend. Remember Johnnie, the Devil lady never lose. Her heart is black coal and greedy.
Lelia saw me whispering to the jazz man and she came to me. She whispered to me. “Brave poet, you are looking dangerous tonight and I see in your eyes. You want to taste something dark and sweet. You believe I am your savior? Do you believe I am angel or devil Johnnie?
Henry begin to play the song, “Bad woman”. I stood-up. She kicks off her shoes and wrapped her arms around me and we slowly danced to the sweet jazzy song. She wrapped her body around me like a man trapped in a spider web and I felt her heartbeat against my skin. She kissed my neck and she whispered. “You like the game, smoke and mirrors? You like the game, truth or dare? You and I had known the dark motels and you are willing to kiss and never tell once again. Are you foolish or do you love my wintry wings?
I brought her body closer and I kissed her face and her lips. I told her, love be damns, love be never. We, who love the night. We need whiskey kisses, making love till we fall asleep in each other embrace. We love to steal and steal some more. My bad, bad lady. I love your black dress and your bare feet. You are my ambrosia wine, you are my arsenic kisses. You can be lover, my killer.
We sat down in a dark corner of the Stray Cat inn and  I caressed her feet and legs. I looked into her dark brown eyes and I whispered. Lelia, Lelia, love is like a rose. Smell so damn good and the thorns shall make you bleed. She smiled and laughed at my words. She told the barkeeper. Two Long Island ice teas, pretty please and she looked at my eyes. Old soldiers believe they cannot die, we do die often my love. Tonight, you and I will buy some black velvet whiskey, go to my place. Dance bare-ass with the windows wide opens. I will wrap my body around you till you beg for mercy.
I brought her right foot to my lips, kissed her foot that smelled of wildflowers. I told her. You know my beauty, I love you my bad, bad lady. Sometimes we must dance on the fire to know, we are alive.
                            Dancing Coyote