If it be your will…

If it be your will


I saw her sitting alone with a small child. Pretty auburn hair and hazel eyes. Soft tears were falling her eyes and I went to her.  I asked,  are you okay? Pretty young woman tried to cover her tears with tender hands and she told me. I’m okay. Just a hard day. I asked her. Is the child her daughter? She is as pretty as you. She tried to smile and told me, thank you.


I went to a safe distance. I read my book of Jack London “When gods laugh” and I watched the sea dance upon the morning shore. I notice the woman hadn’t moved. Little girl wanted ice cream and lunch. I heard the woman told her. We must wait. I’m thinking honey. I went to her and I told her. I was a lonely soldier and need some company. I would appreciate some company and I know where there is a place with a 100 choices of ice cream. Little girl feet were dancing with hope and poor woman looking fearful told me. I can’t.  I give her my biggest Michigan smile and I told her. Young lady. It is okay to accept help. We are in a public place and you and daughter will be safe. My name is Johnnie, a Fort Ord soldier. We will cross the street and I will buy you a sandwich and a soup. The pretty woman looked at the sea and turned to me, told me. “Okay.”


We sat on the patio. The Pier was in view. Monterey was perfect this day. The bay was calm and the weather perfect. The woman make-up had ran down her face and she requested to clean her face. Her and child left for the bathroom and he was left with his thoughts.  They returned and she raised out her hand and told him. “My name is Angela and my daughter name is Shelly. It is good to meet you. You are being very kind.” I told her. It was my pleasure to help. All of us need some help.”


I asked her where was she from? She told him. “I’m from Ohio. I left home hoping for chance and opportunity. California isn’t easy. No jobs here and money is running out. I have $500 and no place to go and I don’t know anyone.”  I told her. Maybe I can help. I do a lot of poetry readings. My friend Jerry is looking for someone to work. He own the Monterey Bookstore. If he doesn’t work out. I know someone who owned a few businesses in Pacific Grove.”


The little girls asked. “Why don’t  you have no hair? And can I have ice cream still?” The woman told the child. “Please don’t ask for so much. He had done enough.” She turned to him and asked. “Can $500 get a place to live? Monterey is very costly.” Johnnie smiled and told her. I have a friend who had a open studio apartment. Not too costly or too big. About 400 square feet.”

They go to the Monterey coffee shop. Angela filled out the application. I give the application to Jerry. I told Jerry. Angela was a old friend who needed a job badly. He called her references and came back. He asked her. “When can you start?  Angela looked surprised and told him as soon as possible. I need to get settled. Jerry slapped my back and he told her. I will see you at 8 am tomorrow.

Angela looked scared and she asked me. “Where do I live?”  Little Shelly was wandering the bookstore and left them alone. I told her. Up the hill. My friend is a older woman with a huge house. She divided it up to pay her bills. She is very kind. I believe her daughter had a daycare.” Angela begin to cry and I reached out and held her hands. She asked me. “You haven’t asked any questions Johnnie. I like this but I must tell you. I’m escaping a bad relationship. I wasn’t safe and I needed safe place for me and my child. I bought a ticket for Monterey without proper plan. I wanted new place and the sea.” I smiled and I told her. I have six sisters and I know bad places and situation. Where is your luggage?”

I took her in my old Dodge truck to the Greyhound station. I helped her load her four suitcases and I took her to my friend Cindy house. Cindy was one of my fans of my poetry and we have became great friends. I did minor work on her house for free. Cindy was waiting for us. Jerry had called her and he set it up for me. She greeted Angela with a hug and hugged the child Shelly. After the introductions. Cindy took her to a side apartment. Angela was surprised. Was more roomy than she expected. In California. No room is wasted. The apartment had a small kitchen. A small bed and a pull-out couch. Cindy asked was this okay. Angela begin to cry and she asked her. “Can I afford this Cindy.” Cindy smiled and told her. You will get family discount. $400 a month. You can pay $100 weekly. It this okay.”Angela agreed and paid her a $100.

After Cindy left. Angela told me, she had a teaching degree and now she can look for work. She heard Monterey was growing and there was jobs for teachers.  I smiled and I told her. Time for some shopping. Need milk and Captain Crunch for baby girl. Angela was buying little and I knew she was budgeting her money. I told her. I will assist. Please buy what you need. I started taking the needed items for her. Sugar, honey, box product and some can goods. She wasn’t content. I liked her angry face over her sad one. I paid the $150 and I told her. I told you already. All of us need some help sometime. She looked pissed off and told me. “I don’t take charity.” I reached over and hugged her and I whispered. You owe me nothing. I want to help.

I helped unload the truck and I helped put the food away.  I was leaving and she called me back and asked. “Where are you going Johnnie. Please stay with me. Maybe I can cook a meal and we can take a walk? Maybe you can buy Shelly the ice cream, you promised? ” I smiled and I told her.  If It be your will , I would love to stay with you Angela. Angela came to me and she lay her head upon my shoulder and she whispered. It is my will dear Johnnie.  You are the first kind words and kindness I have known in so long.

Coyote/John Castellenas