40 cents more…

  40 cents more
I called Scotland at 10 pm,
hoping for a proper goodbye.
Beautiful Sheena answered her telephone and she  told me,
Johnnie, I forgave you,
we held love for a second and you taught me,
love was sweet, love is bleeding and tears.
I heard you suffered and please Johnnie.
We wanted everything too fast,
we grasp love and love was enough.
Operator came on. Told me 40 cents more for three minutes more.
I told her.
I love you still and I pray you found the happiness you deserve.
I go to the lake and dream of us,
I learned too late,
You were my Scottish girl dream and I didn’t know.
Love was rare and so damns sweet.
Dear Sheena begin to cry and she whispered.
I loved you once, Johnnie and I don’t love you no-more.
My broken heart had healed and I won’t ever forget you.
You taught me love was sweet and love is a murderer of our hearts.
Please be safe and be kind.
Johnnie, you can’t have everything.
I would of gave you everything and it wasn’t enough.
Goodbye sweet soldiers.
I whispered goodbye to dear Sheena.
A rainy night on a Winter Germany night.
I felt a sweet dream die, forever.
                     Dancing Coyote