Witness to life…

Witness to life


I told people with my writing for many years. If the wars, don’t stop. War will come to our doorstep. Today war had found our USA cities. The war came to my door-step one day, with lost of good friends. What can we do?

Old friend. Your face appeared in my thoughts. I face-booked  your daughter and I felt great sadness for your beautiful little girls had become strong and wise woman. I do a silence prayer. You are watching them from above.

“I miss you my friend.
Our Summer get together are missed.
You watched my family grow and your children were my secondary family.
I remember the Christmas days surrounded by you and your girls.
You gave me a home in distance places.
Today my friend. I’m just a witness to life.
I tell a story about a soldier who was a good father and loved his children.



I learn a old quote is true. We must be a witness to life. Never allow the memory of a good man to be forgotten and ensure their children know. They were the love, of a Father’s heart.
John Castellenas/Coyote