Poison Of Passion

Amazing poetry by a amazing poet.

Ashraf Shaikh

Silently shuddering,
Breath shattering,
Our bodies gathering,
Our desires slithered upon us.

You danced with the love,
In the dark little cove,
On the glass of wine,
Intertwined into my head.

You evoked my lions,
Enslaved my desires,
Ensnared my dreams,
Prisoned me, into the oblivion of your body.

You move and sway around,
You sway and squish yourself aside,
In song of passion, you dance,
Circling the deep ridden fantasies on my head.

The song is wild,
You sway yourself, I glide,
You turn and bend, while your supple body, slides,
Slides into my body, and we slither to become one.

The song is sensual,
You dance being pretentious,
You shake your hips and legs,
Looking you, I stand here tense.

The song is erotic,
While you dance exotic,
The heat surmises, the passion smells gigantic,
Here I stand, looking at you, smelling the waves of erotic.

Poison of…

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