The Road is Winding (poem)

Wonderful poetry by a talented writer.

joanne the geek



The Road Is Winding




Kaikoura is a stop for coffee

& views of the ocean

receding away



I startle a tern which

flaps away into a moving car

it is last seen descending

rapidly down a bank


I feel guilty about it

for the rest of the journey




above are screeching gulls

shredding the cerulean sky

below the sea casually mumbles

the world’s secrets


if only we knew this language

of rocks & saltwater

kelp & shifting sands…


the road hugging the coast

along narrow shoulders


of rock, past beaches

& promontories,

through tunnels

scooped out

by the tide’s restless fingers


the reach of the ocean




once darkness has overcome us

we are still driving into

geographies of our ignorance

the headlights illuminating our way

the stars silently revolving above


we have…

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