A beautiful day, a wonderful night

A beautiful day, a wonderful night



(Kosinski- “We are here in the company of death.”)



The raven hair beauty, she danced with the evening shadows.

The sun and moon, were doing their evening dance for us.


we watched the moon rise above us and she told me.

We had a beautiful day near the sea,

now the calmness of the night is upon us.

I love how the sea allure our wintry wings,

to allow us to show real face,

speak honest words.

You and I,

we love to find the vibrant colors of the dust,

allow our restless hearts to adore the golden dust.

Today we shall drink the September wine,

wait for the dawn,

enjoy the quiet aura of the Pacific,

allow  the essence of peaceful night to overtake the chaos that is near.

I interlace my fingers into her slender fingers and I told her.

A beautiful day, a wonderful night,

when I am with you my love.



Dancing Coyote