For Susana Castillo Chávez, For international women day.

 Susana  Chávez


I remember you. Dear Poet. Brave and kind woman, you tried to save the forgotten women on the Mexican border. Dear Susana. Your words are left and we, who were silence. Must keep your words, your battle alive. You were brave and you learn. Words can cost great payment. I pray you found a better place. Thank you Susana  Castillo Chávez for showing us. We must show the world, the truth. Even the dark and scary part.  Today on the Mexican border. Six girls daily. Took and never returned home. Their bodies tossed away after be used by the devils. What can we do?

Susana Chávez Castillo – Mexico


Susana Chávez Castillo, Mexico, a prominent poet and women’s rights advocate, was found murdered in the border town of Ciudad Juárez on 6 January 2011. She had been strangled and had had one of her hands cut off; her body was only identified five days later.


Sangre Nuestra �” by Susana Chávez Castillo



Blood of my own, blood of sunrise, blood of a broken moon, blood of silence, of dead rock, of a woman in bed jumping into nothingness, Open to the madness. Blood clear and definite, fertile seed, Blood the unbelievable journey, Blood as its own liberation, Blood, river of my songs, Sea of my abyss. Blood, painful moment of my birth, Nourished by my last appearance.


Blood of Mine



Blood of mine,

blood of dawn,

blood of wounded moon,

blood of silence.



Blood of dead rock,

blood of a woman in bed,

jumping over the edge,

open to craziness.

Blood clear and defined,

blood fertile seed,

blood incomprehensibly flows,

blood liberation from itself,

blood river of my chants,

sea of my abyss.

Blood the moment of my painful birth,

nursed by my last presence.



Susana Chavez