If I had magic…

If I had magic


Johnnie walked the California Fault line alone once. Looking for a ancient and holy place.
The desert mountain hard and her natural beauty. Perfect place to hide the wishing wells and to burn some sage. A place to pray.

(California fault line 1992)

Once I knew anger, war and greed.
Now I sit by Captain Jack, great Chief of the Modoc tribe, hidden waterfall.
I whispered silently to Captain Jack.
We lost great warrior.
Men is killing nature and killing each other.
I come to you, praying for a wish.
To make some wishes into the waterfall and to the mountains.


If I had magic


If I had magic.
I would wish for every child to have shelter, food and safe place to live,
I would wish for the men of war to become men of peace.
They would send water, food and medicine instead of soldiers and guns.


I burn my lavender sage near the waterfall.
I pray all women and children are safe from violence,
I pray we allow our children to stay young and clean.
Clean of the knowledge of war, death and blood.
Allow our children to learn skills and trade.


If I had magic.
You and I.
Wouldn’t fear each other.
We would be friends,
we wouldn’t see color, race or belief.
We would see a person who need love, who need kindness and
who want opportunity to do great things.


If I had magic.
I would make the men who hate the earth.
Quit digging-up the earth for the oil,
quit dropping waste and poison into the rivers, the lakes and the sea,
quit chopping down the trees in the great forest and the beautiful tropical  forest.

If I had magic.
I would stand with a billion people.
All of us knowing.
We are, “One people and one earth.”
We would demand the end to separation and demand the end of war.

If I had magic.
You and I.
Would know only laughter and joy.
War and hate would be,
myth and tale only.


(Dodge Park, Michigan 2019)


John Castellenas/Coyote