You are in Paris and I’m here…

You are in Paris and I’m here


A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Just words and thoughts.


                        You are in Paris and I’m here

I hurt myself again today and I allowed you into my thoughts. I read your words in a old letter and I wished I was someone else. I wish I knew different places and dances. I wished I could fall at your feet and tell you. You are so beautiful and you are my world.

I’m a logical man. I know we have one life and very few opportunities to know joy and love. On the altar of love. Dreams can be laid wasted than forgotten.  Sweet Katie is dancing freely and wild in Paris. Johnnie had his pen and paper waiting alone.

I have tried to kill your memory, but the sweetest words of love cannot be forgotten. Lover letters can be poetry, sweet words to create hope in the stillness of the lonely night.

The Gods always win. Trick men into believing love can be his. I dreamed of  pale skin, beautiful face and tender blue eyes. The Gods create broken bridges for love to become tainted with disappointment.

I will send to her, forget me not words. I hope my sweet Katie is drinking sweet red wine and finding what she needs in the streets of city of lights.

Some men are locked-up forever. Their song belated and wasted on the long nights and old journals. Tonight I wished I was in Paris. Kissing lips of strawberry wine and embracing my true love.

Do you miss me? Do you think of me?  Am I no-one or everything?

Coyote/John Castellenas