Johnnie is singing the low, low man blues


    Johnnie is singing the low, low man blues



Johnnie told the pretty lady near at the Stray Cat Inn.

The whiskey isn’t strong enough to kill the memory,

the jazz songs ain’t sad enough.

Johnnie so low, so damn low.

I see the Devil smiling  and looking back at me tonight.

I drank the American whiskey first,

just made the inferno memory of her.

Come back to me, haunting my thoughts.

Now the Irish whiskey making me know fire and brimstone.

I don’t want revenge,

I don’t want hate.

Just forgiveness and the locked door to be open again.

The pretty lady asked, did you sin so badly,

did you hurt her and brake her heart?

He looked at the kind lady and he told her.

I broke my own heart and I didn’t do enough,

I wanted the wrong things,

left a pretty lady alone.

Making money and I was never home.

Lonely woman will forget the sweetness of love.

One day,

the lock on the doors will be changed and your things,

be put away in storage.

The woman looked sad and she whispered.

Johnnie, Johnnie.

Love is a two-way street.

If one cannot find home.

The sweet love can die.

She ordered two Irish whiskeys and she raised the glass to the sky.

She whispered, to us, who wasted the gift of love.

I took the whiskey, I touched her glass and I told her.

Yes honey, we do not appreciate the gift of love.

More foolish people than wise.



                 Dancing Coyote