The fearless and daring

The fearless and the daring




We drank the September Germany wine and

we found our private place where we locked the doors,

allowed no-one in.

We fell into blissful madness and

I fell into your bosom.

You caressed my face and hair.

You asked me.

My sweetest friend,

if we kiss and we don’t tell.

Are we showing real self or doing the liar’s prayers?

I remember we hid in your apartment for three weeks,

drinking the tequila and lemon,

mastering the sweetness of the kiss,

the lover’s dance.

I asked you.

We intertwined our two lives,

we found safe place and learn the tranquil of love joy.

Is our serenity, myth and tale?

Will we recede to strangers again?

She smiled and she brought me closer.

She wrapped her body around me and she whispered.

Love isn’t to be own,

love is to be cherished,

the gift of love,

is willingly given by the fearless and the daring.

Love wealth is the sweetest gift.

Never understood and always appreciated.

I kissed her and I knew.

She was right,

we must drinke of love when she is near.

Swim in the ambrosia of the love embrace precious seconds, hours, days.

Two lovers looked at the lovely moon and enjoyed the precious silence.



Dancing Coyote