Celestial beauty…

Celestial beauty


“He sees his love, and nothing else he sees.”—Thomas Campion


You are my folly and my blessings.
You are my perfect night and my sweetest days.

You love to take one hour baths and listening to the songs of the Everly brothers.


I sit by he bathtub watching your nuptial grace. Watching dancing bubbles dance on ivory soft skin and perfect womanly curves.

You asked me often. Am I your bliss or your needed kiss? Do you adore me my dear Johnnie? I told you. You are the music in my heart and the vision of you is the only utopia of perfection I have ever seen or known. The luscious smell of flowers on your soft and tender skin inflame my heart and mind.

You are my kind muse, my boundless sea and my journey to unknown and places of mystery. You are my reasons to breathe and live. You know what love should be. I love watching you in the bathtub and I love to wash your hair slow and gently. I love to hear you sing with the Everly brothers in your eloquent voice.

You make love sweet and kind. You know love need to be simmered to greater need. You understand, temptation and wanderlust need long baths and loving hands.

You are my everything.


Dancing Coyote