Free bird…

  Free bird

We built our love upon straw and paper. We didn’t know love could be set on fire, burn and be forgotten when the straw and paper dispersed to the sky in a smokey haze.

We danced on a blueprint of perfect love, we didn’t know. Love can be poisons and be divided. Be misplaced in poor decisions and actions.

I wanted the freedom and you wanted lasting place and memories. You called me the Free bird that could not stop. I called you dear, honey, baby and my only kind touch. You left me breathless and the beckoning road was forgotten for a time.

I saw in your eyes as you watched me, as you cradle me in your embrace and sang to me.
“Traveling man. Where are you my love?
I see the highway in your eyes.
Am I your prison or your salvation?
Do you need me my lover?
Am I your horizon, where love and life can bud to our utopia or
am I. Just a made-up dream you shall escape from one night to
find you true lover. The long highway and no locked doors.”

I wrapped my arms around her and I whispered. Baby, you have saved me many times. You became my journey. In your eyes I see the sea, the free valley and the mountain range. When you hold me tight. It isn’t  a prison. It is sweet paradise. The utopia of safe love and place. I’m not alone. Today the free bird want to adore you forever and a day. You are my pleasure and sweetness dear love.

Sweet woman smiled and held me tightly. She told me. We must construct a house of brick and steel. Weak walls and tender floors leave the possibilities of bad foundation and disappointment. If we fall apart and the love fade away.  You can’t return from the place you have left.

I understood her want and need. Both of us have loved and lost. After crossing a poor path with sadness and a dead-end. You need to face what is real and true.

Two people sat by the sea. Once strangers, now lovers upon the same path. Both understanding. Love is a blind journey and can lead the lover to unknown places. Real love can withstand the storms  of life.

Coyote/John Castellenas