Play me the waltz of the angels…

(Please be kind to the people near. Scary times for the all of us. A phone call, leave a message and help if you can. Time for us to slow down. Talk, be kind and listen.)
 Play me the waltz of the angels
I wrote some names down to paper,
each name were kind mentors to me.
In quiet prayers,
I pray to sit with them again,
talk till we can’t no-more.
I know in heaven,
kind people are waiting for their soldier boy.
Today, old age had found me,
feet tire, back hurt and
the grandchildren in the yard playing.
I go outside and we dance in the Fall leaves.
I look to the blue sky,
I pray to the warm sun,
I hope, I am making you proud.
I miss you and one day soon,
at the great dance in paradise.
I will waltz with the angels again.
    Dancing  Coyote