Write down your wishes and prayers..

    California poetry- Write down your wishes and prayers
(I burned sage today and I wrote on a sheet of paper, Then I burned the paper, release to the sky. Please lord of life and death. Help my  world today. Terrible sickness and so much sadness and confusion.  Time for strangers to befriend each other. Time to help each other. I pray we learn, the world is small and we must be kind to each other and help the people in need.)
Simple life need, just enough.
If we take more than we need,
we become, just thieves of useless items.
I found a simple place,
a ceremony done when the moon is full.
A box for wishes and prayers kept.
A kind stranger will perform a prayer for healing, forgiveness and loss of regret.
I believe prayers can create miracles and forgiveness.
A wise person is thankful for every new day and lived by the simple rules.
Take what you need, don’t be wasteful.
Lead with concern, kindness and love.
Listen, listen, listen and pay attention.
We will learn understanding if we hold silence.
I put my prayers into the box.
For peace for my world, for healing of the sick and our world to turn warmer and kinder. Share a smile, speak a kind word. Pray every night. All children are safe.