You forgave me…


 You forgave me
I remember us. We were something.
I chased you till you couldn’t run no-more.
I promised you the moon, I promised you a ancient love.
Drinking aged wine and dancing till 4 am.
Now I confess to the Pacific.
I broke a angel heart in the Fall and now I feel the regret.
The California Winter storms became my only friend and
I told the sea.
Pretty lady told me yesterday, she whispered to me on a pay phone.
I forgave you Johnnie. Please enjoy California and please be careful.
You can’t escape from everything. Have great fun and find a reason to be alive.
Her last words, kind and sweet.
Once we had a torrid love and we swam in kisses and sweet wine.
I remember a blushing beauty, who gave everything to me and I did not know.
Love sweet, love nourished can be utopia and perfect.
Foolish man sat alone. Drinking vodka and juice and singing songs to the Pacific ocean.
My pretty, my dearest love.
Kind lady, my faire beauty.
I remember you. I remember us.
You forgave me and I can’t forgive myself.
                          Dancing Coyote