The golden Dust

The golden Dust
We didn’t know. Life move so damn fast and we cannot stop time.
I wondered. Did you know me? Did I know you?
Now our silence whispers of love words are rarely heard and the old photos.
Just remnants of what we were.
Did I seek the hidden sadness in your eyes? I believe women are more layered
than men. Rarely doe a woman allow a man to see her inner secrets and secret fears.
I believe woman are like the mountains.  If you try to understand and appreciate.
You will find new ridges of sadness and secret waterfalls of tears.
A lucky man will be blessed with love words. She will whisper, I have loved and
I have lost myself in you.
I remembered when you held me like a child. I tried to linger in the madness, in the gift of love. I remember on a golden dust, you released your white Summer dress, bare your breasts to me and you danced for me and the lights of the candles to Leonard Cohen songs.
Now we became strangers and I remember the girl who loved the hot days and the strong whiskey. I paint landscape of us with my words.
Landscape of two people, afraid of nothing and willing to dance the waltz of love.
I asked the half moon, the liar moon. Does love die? Does love fade away to fairy tale wishes? I asked the dancing sea. Did I know her? Did I show my real face?
The golden Dust is here and I fall to the feet of my lover,
I told her. You are my everything and everything is you.
Let’s lock the door, put some music on.
Please tell me what you need? What you want?
                     Dancing Coyote