Once my home filled with voices and noise.
Now the house is quiet.
The streets are empty,
the grandchildren are locked in their room with their mama.
The parks are closed,
few cars are moving.
The world became lonely.
I called family and friends missed.
We both needed some conversations.
I sit alone.
Old world is gone.
Our leaders don’t talk of war and separation.
One common enemy taught the countries of our world.
We are one people and one earth.
I need the laughter of my grandchildren,
I need to know the loudness of voices in my home.
Maybe when we overcome the hard days,
maybe we can be kinder to each other.
I reached for my phone,
called people,
I haven’t talk to in years.
I tell old friends, we must find time to gather.
Please call me, if you need a voice.
I checked on my neighbors who are older,
see if they need anything.
I sit alone.
this terrible virus,
can be defeated and my world can hear the sounds of laughter
and running feet.