Angel dancing, too close to earth…

Angel dancing, too close to earth.

A Poem by Coyote Poetry


Just words. Beautiful song.


                                  Angels dancing, too close to earth
Pretty wishes, deadly journeys led me to the Austin, Texas sun and you.
Till I met you. I saw grey skies only and the drink was sweeter than living.
I remembers I told you my sad tale and you told me.
“You talk of life, like it is piss and shit only. Sorrow and pain, just lessons to make us appreciate the good days.”
You were Texas born, long legs  and so damn beautiful. I knew your words, honest and true. I told you.
“I need a miracle,
I need to appreciate the white words, delete the dark words.
I need a Texas girl who love the long Texas highways and can do the Texas two-step till the sun arise.
You are the prettiest things I have ever seen in my life.
Your sweet voice like Fall sweet red wine and your eyes.
Gentle and wonderful.”
Pretty lady smiled and she told me. “In Texas, like a rodeo. Must get on the horse to be tossed off. I don’t know dear poet. Can you ride a wild Texas pony?”
I took her hands. Caressed her long fingers and I kissed her hand. I told her. I have stood in the eye of the storm. I found death and we talked. The caretaker of life and death told me. Johnnie, you ain’t done yet. Maybe the Michigan boy can find the Texas wild and free spirit. Just need a kind angel to teach him the Texas song.
The Texas girl smiled and she whispered to my willing ears.
“We must expose real face,
we must dance the slow dances and we must beckon the energy of hope.
No easy life for no-one.
We will know the hello and we will know the swan songs.
Pretty is, isn’t pretty does.
A angel face don’t mean a angel kiss.
Brave people must seek velvet and silk dreams.
Are you brave enough to hang with a Texas hurricane?”
I brought her close and I whispered to her.
Caged life need to know the freedom of the unknown dance, the new kiss.
Be fearless and a little bit crazy.
I would be honored to share time with a Texas hurricane.
Two people dancing in the Austin City street,
overtook by laughter and opening new doors.
Michigan Poet told the Texas moon in a silence prayer.
Thank you for sending me a angel.
                 Dancing Coyote