The Mozart In My Mother’s Heart

Beautiful words shared by a talented writer.

vikas chandra

From the sanctum, of faith’s, fertile womb
To the, cradle of, love’s lullabies
Who raised, my dream, with hope’s aplomb
My only truth, amidst, all lies!

I breathed her, in her, soliloquy
When I, suckled love, from her, throbbing breasts
Who spent, her soul, so lavishly
Blood, Milk, Tears, Sweat, in faith’s conquests!

I grew, into, her symphony
Her hymn, echoed my, every vein
A rosary, of her, litany
Since I became, yield of, her pain!

I carry, in my soul, her song
Albeit, we are, two worlds, apart
Who taught me, how to, love and long
The Mozart, In My, Mother’s Heart!

© 2020 Vikas Chandra

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