Ghost Town

Amazing poetry by a talented writer.


You were my favorite ghost town.

For reasons unknown to me,

I found myself less lonely

At the expense of these visits.

The sun was always bright,

Yet the air was always brisk-

A breeze of warm nostalgia

And chilling melancholy.

Yet, somehow, this cool wind

Would welcome me,

Hold me and hug every part of my body

That was aching to only feel again.

Maybe it is remembrance

That is more fulfilling

Than any final words

Or peek at the future.

Maybe the light of hope

Isn’t really a light at all,

But the only way to get us

To close our eyes- and see.

I found a single empty building

In these abandoned grounds,

Filled with made-beds

And beams of sunlight.

I’d dance in the hallways,

Filling my lungs

With miles and miles of dust

Left behind from a life that once was.

If I’d shut my eyes…

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