Listen, remember and learn…

  Listen, remember and learn
I love the misty mornings,
I love the chill of Lake St. Clair lake when I sit alone near her,
I listen to the lake and I listen to the morning sun.
They whispered,
Johnnie, what have you become?
Lake St. Clair whispered to me.
Where is the wild men of yesterday?
Where is the free-man who held the great dreams?
The great dreamer became the sleeping man.
Lake St. Clair whispered to me.
Wake-up sleeping man,
life don’t wait for you.
You must find a fight and save someone.
Maybe save yourself?
The morning sun warm my cold face.
I feel the sun caress and the kind sun whispered to me.
Wake-up sleeping man.
Life is long and a million things to be done.
You are not dead yet.
Find something, love something.
Be brave.
Better to swim in the sweetness of love and learn.
Love can be sweet and life can be worthwhile..