Ly O Lay Ale Loya (The circle dance)

Ly O Lay Ale Loya (Circle Dance)
(The world is fighting a common enemy. This sickness touched the four corners of our world. I hope our leaders learn. One people and one earth. We must be kind to each other. Send  water, food and medicine to countries in need. Maybe the kindness can open the door to a new world. Where we lead with concern, kindness and we listen.)
The elder is burning the sage,
cleansing the air of separation.
He told the people,
many races, many hearts and we are becoming one
in the hope of friendship and unity.
The Ojibwa children danced ahead of the elder and the elder begin to walk the circle. He told the people, please join us in the walk of friendship.
The drums are becoming louder and all the people at the Pow Wow, joined the circle dance.
The Ojibwa children are moving their feet to the drums and the elder tell the people. We are one people and one earth. We must respect each other and be kind to our earth. She is kind to us, she bless-us with water to drink, food to eat and the air, we breath. The four corners of our world must work as one. Enough water, enough food and enough land for all people. Every life had value, one life lost to hate, one life lost to war, one life lost to violence. Was part of us. If we don’t seek peace, war will find everyone.
The elders took the hands of the children dancers and he told the walkers. Take the hand of the closest person. Say your name, befriend another. Today we do the circle dance and we become one in hope of peace. We are standing one in the spirit of the water, the earth and the sky. 
We shall pray as one, we will learn together. We are born from the earth and one day, we shall return to her. No race, no color and no religion when death called us home. If you lead a good life, be kind to strangers, lead with concern and kindness. Listen and talk less. We can learn, we are one people and one earth.
The drums stopped, once 60 strangers befriended each other. Hugged each other  and shared names. The elders smiled and he whispered to the burning sage. Thank you for the blessing of new friends sharing the circle dance of unity.
                        Dancing Coyote