My world, was wild and fast moving.
I was running away from ghosts and moving too fast,
trying to defeat the wind of time.
Then I saw a miracle,
her eyes of ocean blue, her wearing a dress of white cotton,
slowed down the running man.
Her look of softness,
her pretty words make me believe.
Life was more than me.
She allowed me into the safety of her love.
She held me like a child,
gave me a thousand kisses and showed me.
The sweetest taste of love.
She made my cold heart know the heat of love.
She taught me the midnight dances and how to love without boundaries.
She gave me a journal in the Winter of 1978 and
she told me.
Write for me,
write for us,
dear poet, lover and friend.
One day,
all we shall have is words remembered.
Dear Daniela,
always complete,
always kind.
So beautiful to my sleeping heart.
She made me see the free mountains, the ancient place.
Made the blind man see everything beautiful and wonderful.
We had the Fall, the German Summer wine.
We had the cold days of Winter.
She held me tightly and I learn.
In the embrace of a lover’s arms.
Utopia for the brave and the young.
Dear Daniela,
always complete and tender,
clothed or unclothed.
A blessing and a wonder.
Once we made promises of forever and a day.
We didn’t know,
forever could be seconds, hours, days or years.
Today in the autumn of my life.
I remember the girl who danced by the lake,
loved Leonard Cohen songs and she make me believe in
magic of love.
                        Dancing Coyote