Tempting fate…

Tempting fate
I am walking in the rain, the cold March rain upon my rain.
I am walking away from place of love turn black.
I left a lady crying and alone.
Our sweet words turned empty and cold.
We became strangers and love became damns and forgotten.
We embraced for the last time at the midnight hour.
Lips upon lips, skin on skin, savoring the last memory.
Once we were blessed with a holy love and we forgot.
Love is a garden. Need attention and two people locking the doors,
keeping the greedy world away.
The March rain upon my face, hiding my tears.
I pray to the sleeping God.
Take me back to where I was.
I want her, I want her hand and my hand holding tightly.
I want us to know love again.
The cold rain teaches us.
Words hurt and locked doors of emotions cannot be open again.
I should of locked the doors and held her till we could have found forgiveness.