The wicked game…

The wicked game
I am not right no-more,
I will never be right again.
Your sweet song made me want the madness,
the madness of loving you forever.
Your eyes stole my mind,
your sweet words stole my heart.
Now I look into your  beautiful face and
I see the devil and a siren.
You love sin, gin and stealing kisses.
The wicked game you love, I know.
You knew, I lost, as soon as I saw your face.
You knew, your eyes of hazel green would make me beg for mercy.
I told you. Pretty is, is pretty not.
We are dancing on the fire of great destruction,
where you, will break my heart,
make me wish for you, till my last breathe.
You smiled and whispered, you can run and you can hide.
You cannot forget me. The one kiss, the one slow dance and
the touch of our hands had stole your will to escape.
Love be damn, love be sweet.
The web of desire is our final place now.