Wildest dream

 Wildest dreams
(Written in March 1980)
Time had passed,
old wounds are healed.
The sorrow, doesn’t bleed no-more.
Now the time,
to be brave,
to learn to live again.
Find my wildest dreams again.
I reached my limit,
a few dozen times and I know now.
Watch your steps,
know what is waiting for you before you land.
Now it is time,
to make your move,
take one step forward to strengthen your mind.
Take baby steps to learn to know the wildest dreams,
to learn what love can be.
Test life, seek new sky, seek the beautiful sea.
See how much you can really give.
The moving clock had taught me,
never be the master of love, the master of time,
be the caretaker, the tender heart.
Listen, learn and pay attention to the people near.
Don’t be always the teacher, be the student too.
We must release regret, sadness and hate.
You cannot hold hate and love in the same mind.
We must forgive those who broke our heart,
we must forgive our self.
Forgiveness allow us to know.
The wildest dreams,
allow us to become what we should be.
Better to be the storm,
not the sleeping pond.
Live, live and live some more my friend.
                        Dancing Coyote
(written in March of 1980.)