Do Something For The First Time !!

Positive words, we need today. Just do something new, something wonderful.


Just Go For It !!

When was the last time,
you did something for the first time?
In this busy circle of your lifetime…!!!
If you can’t decide of anything,
That means you can do everything..!!!

Sleep under the bright stars
How about a ride in a bumpy car,

Ever tried climbing up a tree
Or maybe just sit ideally carefree,

Make yourself a full course meal
Drive around the city in your wheal,

Gift flowers to someone
Take up a hike under the sun,

Just say hello to a stranger
Careful, Don’t go for extreme danger,

And if small things are not exciting;
Then go for the sky-diving !!🥂

* Hello friends!!!🤓
So, tell me what is it that you want to try for the first time???
I wanted to play drums…and I did that, just a few days ago…now it’s your turn!!
Go, do it and don’t forget…

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