1918 Spanish Flu- Please listen to complete video.


Time to listen to the doctors my friend. Stay home if you can. Keep the six feet distance and don’t take your children to the store with you, keep your children away from the sick.  Wash your hands often, if you went to a store, wash your hands after and ensure we are washing our hands as often as possible. Drink warm drinks and if you must work. Drink warm beverage hourly.  Don’t take ibuprofen if sick. Use the acetaminophen only. If sick, get treatment and stay home. Please keep the older people in the house and shop for them. The Spanish Flu started very slowly and became stronger. Please be kind to people near and help who you can. Stay safe, use the computers, cell phones and tablets to communicate. We must understand the coronavirus, all of us. Please listen to the doctors and the scientist my friend..


John Castellenas