Be kind, listen and be humble

Be kind, listen and be humble
We are in the company of death always, I told the young writer. Don’t rush through life. Life moved fast enough. Find time to sit on the porch and play checkers with grandpa. Listen to your children and be kind to your wife.
We are like the butterfly, here for a short time. Always be the kind voice to someone who need a friend. The world is hard enough already for them.
Say hello to a stranger, help who you can. A simple gift of a smile. Can be a blessing to someone who is walking alone, suffering alone.
A wise person is humble and kind. They pay attention to their world. Pray often, dance when the can and teach the children to laugh.
Old world is gone. Maybe the new world will make us kinder. Maybe we will know our neighbors names, maybe we can seek peace over war?
I hope everyone is doing well, keep the six feet distance, stay home if you can. Use the grandma cure, a bit of baking soda in a glass of water to keep us healthy. Call someone and have a long talk, use video chat and be part of our world. We ain’t done yet my friends. We will overcome this illness.
                        Dancing Coyote