Let the Words Roam…National Poetry Month, April 2020

Wonderful poetry. Read and share the amazing words.

Steps In Between

National Poetry Month

This year, our entire world is isolated and locked down during National Poetry Month. But I say, let the words roam! Let them “beat upon your head like silver liquid drops” (Langston Hughes, April Rain Song, 2)! Let them singe from your fingertips as you write and embrace your heart as you read. I say, fill this time of fear and instability from an enemy-virus with grace and hope and acceptance—celebrate the season that’s still here.

With great honor, I bring you poetry from writers who wish to acknowledge the season. It’s Spring! It’s National Poetry Month! With heavy hearts for those suffering, with patience for the mishandlings in understanding something so grave, we present a moment of peace.

If this post finds you filled with inspiration and you wish to join in the merriment, please contact me at celainecharles@gmail.com and I will happily include you. I will be…

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