Like a river

 Like a river
I knew the first time I saw you. I wanted you.
You were wild, untamed, loud and I wanted to fall into your storm.
I went to you, rested my head into your lap and I whispered.
Dear Juliet, dear Juliet.
Let’s travel bravely into the night,
let us find the wild Pacific tonight,
let us gather our suicide boards,
let us, dance with the Winter storm of January.
Your hazel eyes shined brightly and you told me.
You believe you can tempt me dark poet.
Your sweetest words are like the sweetest maple syrup
and I believe you are the devil with the blue eyes.
I am, like a river Johnnie.
Running to the sea and away from people who want to own everything.
I looked up at your wild eyes and I told you.
Dear Juliet, my beautiful Juliet.
Johnnie doesn’t own nothing but a old Dodge truck.
He is living the soldier life and he loved the free sea,
he loved the longest highway and he loved,
the women who challenge the sea,
free-climb the free mountains and who is kind to our earth.
You smiled and you whispered,
I will break your heart, leave you wishing for me.
Forever and a day.
Johnnie, if you dance with the devil,
the devil always lead and win.
Great storms can kill everything in her path.
Are you seeking the good death or do you believe in love?
Dear Juliet, my dearest Juliet,
sometime the tale of the devil is trickery.
Maybe the coldest heart hide behind pretty words,
pretty lies. You and I.
We are wild horses, running away from the fences,
running away from the barriers of lies.
Please trust my blacken heart,
we can’t steal if we want little or nothing.
Juliet, my Juliet.
I love your face,
I love your auburn hair flowing wild and free.
I dream of kissing those rosy lips and getting lost in your eyes.
She smiled and she whispered.
I am the raven and you are the dancing coyote.
I like your honest words.
We love the whiskey and we must dance with the Winter storms.
We have kissed and left often,
we have borrowed our fleshly needs  in the midnight hours often
and we have tasted, of salty flesh and screamed in joy.
Maybe the raven need the laughing coyote.
I smiled and I rose-up,
I took her hands and we wandered to the Monterey bay.
Her finger danced upon my hand softly and I told her.
Juliet, my beloved Juliet.
Winter is here and the sea is wild and untamed.
Let’s us drink our wine and let’s watch the moon fall into the sea.
                   Dancing Coyote