Day eleven – flowers

A wonderful poem by a talented writer.


Interestingly, I was struggling rather with this prompt, looking at the list, until I made my befriending call and mentioned the challenge. She suddenly said – what would a rose say if it could talk? This took me in a different direction!
The language of flowers

Lilies converse politely,
all plummy vowels
and cut-glass laughs.

Gerberas are gigglers,
chattering excitedly,
giddy on life.

Chrysanthemums preach,
impart their wisdom

The gladioli’s rich brogue
hints of tenderness,
a dry wit.

Iris is an ingénue,
too embarrassed to do
more than whisper.

Rose is flirtatious,
her throaty chuckle
fills a room.

My favourite? The orchid.
Flamboyant, yet considered,
a balanced voice.

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