Dreamscape Dreaming

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waterfall-1373183_1280_1560753490255_1560755506132 Dreamscape Dreaming art- Sharonlee Goodhand

Dreamscape Dreaming
She wandered within a dreamscape dreaming
lands she’d never been
awed, in speechless wonder by sights she’d never seen…
Waters tumbled in freeflow as if from Gaia’s soul
as softly flowing water spilled into an endless hole;
So vast this watery landscape! So energetically alive!
So humble in this place, she felt, that she almost cried…
She didn’t question how or why, simply allowed bare feet to wander
each sight she saw, every scent she breathed beckoned her deeper & deeper.

How long she stayed she could not tell, nor how far she strayed
but within this dreamscape dreaming, she knew she wished to stay…

It was then an unfamiliar figure appeared, and yet, familiar all at one
and without even speaking… a gentle voice begun-
– you cannot stay child of mine, you are needed and you belong
you are needed to…

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