Dear Melanie songs and a few words.



Johnnie hiding behind his paper and pen,

once a great dreaming,

once a great lover of the sea,

once the wandering man, has lost his way.

Now he is seeking Salinger’s silence.

A recluse seeking silence.

Once he knew California and he danced with the sea.

Once wild man loved the ladies, so dearly.

Love was once so sweet and now love had turn bitter-sweet.

Once fearless man  knew midnight kisses and he begged for more.

Now he found a shallow grave and he seek the quiet.

In sweet dreams,

Johnnie found the Big Sur,

Alisa Fineman is singing so sweetly near,

he is drinking the Summer California wine at the River Inn and he is brave.

He is dancing with the sea and screaming to the Gods.

I am not done yet.

I awake in my Michigan slumber and I begin to write.


Dancing Coyote