Inamorato; Heart Sounds in the Wind

Beautiful words shared.

Don MacIver; Poet

First sight of her beauty cast its spell
it was haunting, lingering, lovingly so
Photo by James Marcom on Unsplash

A love prose…


branches and leaves rustled in a wandering wind

tallgrass waving as strands of silken hair pluming

and beams of sun stream an afterglow

the warmth of its fingertips tender as the touch

of innermost longing tends to be

songbirds call to the heavens above in a

lilting poignance, a laughter serene


There, by the brook, my spirits uplifting as

my eyes, at a glance, came upon you knowing

a beauty as though for the first time

inamorato seized the moment, truly

a hypnotic heart sound beat in my chest

weaving and undulating dance upon the wind

our eyes met, an unbreakable bonding

a shiver of excitement reaching out, intense


Your lips wore a curvature, beginnings of a smile

ever so cautiously inviting

dark eyes transfixed but a storytelling

of love, of want, of rest assuring

and even a…

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