Leftover wine…

 Leftover wine
In Austin, Texas. Pretty woman confessed her sins to the bar room poet. He listen to her tales and he caught glimpses of soft tears falling for things that were in the lost and found. She told him, “Once her game was truth or dare. Now she know the fragrance  of her adventure. Run to, run from and escape.” Now her once pretty face wore a disguise. She forgot her true face and she was alone.
He took her hand and kissed each finger and he looked at her beautiful coffee eyes and he told her. All of us are children in the game of love. We want everything and we want nothing. We will submerge in the emotion of love, feel the utopia and one day. The utopia become a prison.  White words, black words. We shall say and we shall regret when we learn. We lies. Some of us are seeking wall-less life and some of us, need to be safe in the arms of love. You are just learning what you are, what you truly need. The world is foolish. Believe everyone need one love. Some of us love, the new dance, the opening kisses and the places where seduction steal our everything. Some of us, like to be, the left-over wine. You will be okay honey.
She smiled and she asked. “Dear Soldier, alone on a Friday night in Austin, Texas. This is the Texas greatest sin. I like you. You talk in riddles and you make me smile. I need to smile and you understand me. Can you dance? I know you can drink and talk.
The soldier took her hands and he kissed her lips. I can Texas two-step till the moon fade away and I would be honored to have your company.  She smiled and she rested her head on his shoulder. She whispered. “Thank you.”
                             Dancing Coyote