Nick Cave and P.J Harvey- Monday song. Some words.

Maybe, maybe not



Maybe, maybe not she whispered.

We watched the sea and I journeyed into her eyes.

She told me.

When you open locked doors,

spread the legs wide.

Are we stealing or borrowing?

Is the kiss so deadly,

the cost so heavy.

Can we pay the payment for?

You can’t own everything dark poet.

The flesh is never free,

the twist of the midnight dance,

the naked heart,

does it want more or does it die with every taste of skin?

I told her.

If we lose our smile,

if we lose the longing,

if we lose the rage, the need.

What is left of  Us?

She looked at the Pacific and she whispered to her.

If we break open the old scars of love,

allow them to bleed out.

Are we better?

I brought her closer and I whispered.

Better to die a good death,

feel everything we can.

The dead don’t cry no-more and we ain’t dead yet.

I kissed her long and sweetly. And she smiled and she told me.

Kisses cost plenty  and demand promises.

Are we brave enough to show real face?




Dancing Coyote