Dear April…

   Dear April
Promises of warm days was you,
April, I am waiting for the sunny days and the blooming of the Spring flowers.
You have been my December and January wishes,
dear April, please touch my face gently  with the warmth of the kind sun,
allow the Spring days to make me feel young and foolish again.
Dear April, promises of perfect days where the children can play and I can dance with the wildflowers again.
I am waiting for you.
Lovely days, beautiful days.
Please kind April make my old bones feel alive and strong.
I need you dear April,
hard Winter made me need the sun to touch my face,
I need the warm days to warm my heart and my body,
allow the children to roam the parks and to dance with the lake.
Beautiful April,
I know the warm days are near and you will bless me with your smile.
                                  Dancing Coyote