Letters and promises…

Letters and promises



You saved me once my dear Julie. Your kind and sweet words upon sheets of paper made me wish and hope for a better tomorrow. You wrote me.



Dear Johnnie


I was so glad to have seen you in January. I loved how we danced together alone into the night and you held me tightly demanding little except my embrace and my words in my bed till the morning light. You told me. Love find you. You do not find love. I learn your words were true after you left me to return to Germany. I have loved you since our days of High School. I thought our love was just childhood wishes, bygone times lost in the wind and the storms of life. Today I write you, not demanding your attention but reminding you. I love and need you. I hope you love me too.
All my love


I wrote Julie some words.


Reverend love, my dearest Julie


My love, my kind friend.
My noble beauty of yesterday and today.
I have wished and prayed you loved and needed me still.
IĀ  thought love lost, could not be found again.
Love fled cannot be returned.
Your letter made me very happy.
I told you often in the past.
If our love can be one. Love alike, cannot die.
Your heart so pure and kind. Is my only wish.
I love you dear Julie.
I promise to be with you till you do not need me no-more.
I will come to you in July my love.
If you have a change of heart. Please write me.
Love Johnnie


Dear Johnnie

I languish for your return. Early Spring is here and I yearn for July. I have rented a apartment in Ann Arbor. We will celebrate the days of Summer together. Please call me when you arrive back in the USA. I’m conspiring our time together. You promised me an Lake Superior swim and the West Virginia mountains. I love and miss you Johnnie.

I held her letter tightly and I put the sheets of papers near my heart. I know love can be myth and tale. I know love can be the song, a sweet dreams and final wish. Love letters and promises can lead to false passion and love martyr. I looked to the German Spring moon and I told her. Mistress moon, I wish for perfect ending and a lifetime of embrace with a perfect angel.


John Castellenas/Coyote