Can’t take my eyes off you

  Can’t take my mind off you
—Feel like million year ago and once,
you and I believed in love.—-
Two Person Hold Hands
—I ran from your memory,
I tried to forget your face.
The running man fell upon a place,
where he can’t bleed enough to forget you.
Now the drinking man whispered to the burning cigarette.
I can’t take my mind off you. I loved you so.—
— I can’t take my eyes off you, I can’t take my eyes off you, I whispered to my old love.
I missed you so. She smiled and she whispered in the sweetest voice,
did I tell you I love you, did I tell you, I didn’t forget us.
You were my best days and the most wonderful nights.
We have survive harsh Winter and poor decisions.
Today I found you waiting for a ghost,
am I the ghost dear Poet?
I kissed her face, I kissed her lips and I told her.
I was drinking for a miracle and the bartender called you dear Julie.
Dearest Julie, maybe some people need to slumber in love.
Maybe they don’t have enough to give back.
Dear Julie, I can’t take my mind off you, I can’t take my mind away from your memory.
Beautiful Julie whispered, even the wildest of  river must fall into the sea.
Were you waiting for me in the Ann Arbor tavern or trying to drink your self to a early death? I looked into her hazel eyes and I told her. I asked the whiskey to make me braver, I questioned the rum to make my dead heart and dead mind find one reason to call you. I drank the tequila and I asked the empty shot glass. Did the loveliest and kindest girl. remember me? A soft tear fell from her eyes. She kissed my lips and she whispered. You saved me in the Summer of my life and I will save you in the Winter of your life. I never forgot us and you stayed with me in my prayers. I prayed you didn’t find the Hemingway death in some foreign soil and I wondered did you remember me? I wondered did you remembered, how we found salvation in love on a blue moon so long ago? I held her hand and I told her. You were my first thought when the sun lite up the morning sky and my last thoughts for the rising moon. I told the stars, did I tell you, how much I loved you.The prettiest girl in Ann Arbor took away my drink and she ordered coffee for us. She told me, life wasn’t  easy for me and I struggled. Now I see your old face and I love it more than the boy of yesterday. I see your scars and the face tell me everything. If you need a safe place to rest, if you need to be loved,
I am here now.
I looked into her eyes, I fell into warm places and the sweetest memories. I told her. You are more beautiful than yesterday and too kind to a old soldier. Do you believe we have enough left dear Julie? She smiled and she whispered. All things fall where they belong. My kindest friend, it is my time for me to comfort you. All of us need the mercy of the
love kiss. You were my fondest memories, my wishing well wish and now we found equal ground. Maybe we can be wise and hold on tightly. Be fearless, laugh and dance till we cannot no-more. I put my face into her flowing auburn hair and I whispered. Did I tell you, I love you and I promise to stay till you don’t need me no-more.
Standing Woman and Man Kissing
                       Dancing Coyote