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Visionary Poetess

It rained today…all morning long and I envisioned things “washing away”..It was calming, even the thunder and lightening. It is still overcast on this weird Sunday afternoon. Some light in there amidst a mass of gray. I feel the shift so much right now…the somber mood, the new rules in place; wear a mask upon your face, or else stay in place…shelter in place, cover your face…the irony of it rhyming. Peoples lives are literally in the balance; social media just has us all fooled. We are taking everything one. day. at. a. time.

monochrome-photo-of-woman-sitting-on-floor-2288195 Photo by Mobola Odukoya

There is an eerie feeling surrounding the unknown, I am feeling torn. Beautiful things have happened in our world; despite the constant emphasis on fear. From what I am hearing, the Earth is healing and so are we, collectively. This is no doubt a time of intense anxiety and uncertainty. We literally…

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