The Ossuary of My Mind #FreeVerse #Unapologetic

Powerful words shared by a talented writer.


Raw thoughts form
from a jagged, and worn mind
creating rugged tales-
Stories filled with chaos
pain lacing each plot twist
meticulously placing each stanza-
To try, and truly convey our hearts
describe our darkened souls
without causing too much terror-
We know what it’s like
hot, and cold panic
chest tightening with agitation-
Each syllable rips off another scab
blood-laced ink lines empty pages
cryptic metaphors reveal untold truths-
An organized murder scene
decorates a once white canvas
with the stories of my life-
Marring its purity with my afflictions
contaminating an adolescent soul
almost ashamed of my torment-
Still, I bleed out my essence
digging into forgotten depths
turning over neglected soil-
Until I’m bleeding, freely
purging my demons
renewing my defenses-
Yesterday is finally over
tonight, I am okay
tomorrow remains unknown-

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