The Voyage of Life

Wonderful poetry by a talented writer.

Heart of Art

Walking forward, the story of my life I write

Some days dull others filled with light

in my life I fight,

with the demons sworn to lead me

from the path of the meek

to a land I’ve never seen.

Strong as I have been,

the evil one always found a way to attack me

I have wished to be

more than a slave to the opinion of others

but I still needed the wisdom of my fathers

brothers have been kind, sisters caring

the fruits of life worth bearing

I have been weary

but I have given up rarely

Dejected I was

but from the depression I rose

and helped others, gave them a dose

of love

in the quest of happiness,

I found myself, a mess

but with greatness I flew

to become something new

Good old days I will miss

but now that I have found peace

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