The first day of May- Tomorrow

Happy May-day-  Beautiful day
The first day of May,
the sun is shining and the blue sky above, a blessing.
I sit by Lake St. Clair,
the water is dancing for me,
the trees are showing life and I feel the energy of the Spring days.
I pray to the lake, the trees and the sky.
Thank you for this day,
thank you for the opportunity to be able,
to be with my family,
for good health and the gift of nature.
Happy May day, my friends.
I hope you can enjoy the days of Spring.
I hope we can learn.
Life is more than us,
one earth and one people.
Please try to slow down your life and
enjoy the sun on your face,
the feel of the water touching your feet and
sharing your smile with a stranger.
Happy May-day.